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Flood-Tracking Chart - Flint River Basin

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with other Federal, State, and local agencies, operates a Flood Monitoring System in the Flint River Basin. This Flint River Basin Flood-Tracking Chart can be used by local citizens and emergency response personnel to record the latest river stage and predicted flood-crest information along the Flint River and Kinchafoonee, Muckalee, Ichawaynochaway, and Spring Creeks.

Map of Georgia showing the Flint River basin.

U.S. Geological Survey Open-File
Report 01-325
By Brian L. Cochran, Brian E. McCallum,
Timothy C. Stamey, and Caryl J. Wipperfurth


Flint River flood-tracking:

Flood-tracking charts:
Choose a river station. Choose a river station

Background information:
Flood monitoring. Flood monitoring
Flood-hazard areas. Flood-hazard areas
Floodproofing your home. Floodproofing your home
Flood insurance for homeowners. Flood insurance for homeowners
Flood safety and property protection measures. Flood safety
Surviving a flood - dos and don'ts. Surviving a flood - dos and don'ts

Further information. Further information
Flood emergency phone numbers. Flood emergency phone numbers
Project partners and contacts. Project partners and contacts

Printer-friendly version of the complete report text. Print-friendly version of the complete report text
Printer-friendly version of all eleven charts. Print-friendly version of all 11 Flint basin charts

Adobe PDF version of the report:
Sheet 1 - 350 Kb
Sheet 2 - 330 Kb

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