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Flint River Basin FloodTracking

Map of Flint River Basin showing the eleven flood tracking stations.
The Flint River Basin flood-tracking charts can be used by local citizens and emergency response personnel to record the latest river stage and predicted flood-crest information along the Flint River and Kinchafoonee, Muckalee, Ichawaynochaway, and Spring Creeks. By comparing the current stage (water-surface level above a datum) and predicted flood crest to the recorded peak stages of previous floods, emergency response personnel and residents can make informed decisions concerning the threat to life and property.

This chart shows a map of the basin with the location of selected real-time river stage stations, which are listed by name and station number. For each site, colored bars represent the five highest recorded peak stages and the years in which they occurred. The white bar provides a scale on which to record the most recently reported river stage from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). The USGS Georgia District displays available real-time river stage data on the World Wide Web.

For each of the selected stations that is a flood-forecast point, the predicted flood-crest information from the National Weather Service (NWS) can be recorded. USGS data are used by the NWS for their flood forecasting models. The NWS routinely broadcasts this forecast information to the news media and on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio (NWR). Current NWR broadcast frequencies can be accessed online.

Printer-friendly version of all eleven charts. Print-friendly version of all 11 Flint basin charts.

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Flint River near Griffin, 02344500 Flint River near Culloden, 02347500 Flint River near Montezuma, 02349605 Flint RIver at Albany, 02352500 Flint River at Newton, 02353000 Flint River at Bainbridge, 02356000 Ichawaynochaway Creek at Milford, 02353500 Spring Creek near Iron City, 02357000 Muckalee Creek near Leesburg Kinchafoonee Creek near Dawson, 02350900 Kinchafoonee Creek at Preston, 02350600