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AFP6 Geologs Archive

The Air-Force Plant No. 6 (AFP6) Geologs archive is a data repository for borehole geophysical logs, lithologic logs, heatpulse-flowmeter measurements, and packer-test data used to characterize the fractured-crystalline rock aquifer system at Air Force Plant No. 6, located in Marietta, Georgia.  The data files can be retrieved using the table and map links below.  The Featured Borehole Logs section provides additional information on the results of borehole logging and hydrogeologic evaluations.

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Featured Borehole Logs

SCT-1 SCT-1 is located east (downgradient) of Air-Force Plant No. 6 on property owned by Southern Polytech Institute.  It is one of several "off-site" monitoring wells that are used to monitor ground-water conditions near Rottenwood Creek.  This well is characterized by a highly-weathered and permeable transition zone just below the casing and discrete permeable foliation-parallel parting planes in the deeper bedrock.  Optical images collected from this borehole indicates differential weathering parallel to foliation and compositional layering is much stronger than weathering along joints. 


The borehole geophysical logging methods used at AFP6 are described in the following document:
Borehole Geophysical Logging of Water-Supply Wells in the Piedmont, Blue Ridge, and Valley and Ridge, Georgia

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